Meet The Team

Alex Weiss

Music Department Engagement And Marketing Strategist

Marketing degree from the University of Michigan. Go Blue!

Saxophone player, current member of the Lubbock Community Band

Involved in the band world for 15 years as both a musician and consultant
--4 years at the high school level
--4 years at the college level
--5 years building Musicwindow working along college music directors (wouldn't trade my job for the world!)

Gavin Todd

Technical Specialist & Product Visionary

Theatre Degree from Toi Whakkari New Zealand Drama School

In 1998, founded the world's first digital postcard company.

Actively mentors and coaches local business owners and entrepreneurs on their customer experience strategy

Ashley Sarda

Music Department Success Specialist

Communications and marketing degree from Florida International University

Examples of how I have helped university music organizations:

-Completely overhauled a pen & paper-based audition evaluation process to digital scoresheets
-Created and maintained an online marketing strategy for a music department's monthly performances
-Co-authored a robust collection of recruitment and marketing best practices for the college music department industry

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