"This is going to revolutionize

how we find students to come here..."

Whether you are looking to significantly grow your numbers, recruit students in specific sections to balance your instrumentation, or if you are already at capacity and want to see a record turn-out during your next audition season, the uses and best practices highlighted below have generated real results for music departments. These are a non-exhaustive sampling of roughly 25 possibilities for how to grow the quantity and quality of your recruits.

Attract 20 - 50 Excited Recruits At Your Next High School Visit

Music faculty are constantly offering clinics at high schools, conducting honor bands, and interacting with recruits in a variety of places.

Click below to see how to convert this activity into better recruiting outcomes.

Proven Method To Generate A Goldmine Of Compelling Recruitment Content

Estimated Time Commitment: About 30 Seconds

Forget about producing a fancy hype video. You want compelling, authentic, and effective content to win over your prospective recruits. Having this content is one click away and won't cost you a dime to produce...

Recreate The In-Person Audition Experience Digitally

Avoid missing out on top talent while collecting auditions on rapid fire

Convert Your Interested Recruits Into New Sign-Ups

Revamp the way you re-engage with prospective recruits and event attendees

Before: Plain emails that are one-size-fits-all, not engaging, and time consuming to compose and send

After: Visually stunning, highly relevant, intelligently packaged content that has proven to convert a significantly higher percentage of your interested recruits into new sign-ups

The Dangers Of Using Google Forms

If you use Google Forms to collect information from your recruits, auditionees, and fan base you are:

1) Significantly hurting your recruitment or marketing process,

2) Costing yourself time and effort with manually managing data,

3) Or some combination of both!

Where Admissions Offices Are Lacking In Recruiting Music Students

We did not come up with this ourselves. We hear it all the time from music faculty:

The university's admissions office simply does not understand the unique nuances of music departments!

There are many challenges and disconnects in relying on the admissions office to recruit music students. In the post, we list some of the main ones we help music organizations overcome.

What Music Faculty Are Saying About Their Recruitment Efforts

(after implementing Musicwindow for at least 6 months)

Musicwindow is giving us the advantage of collecting interests from hundreds of potential members and then sending them custom-built information before they even leave our booth.

We are at 243 members for next year up from 205. Huge improvement in thanks to your system.
Tristan Hooks
Head of Marketing and PR, University of Kentucky Wildcat Marching Band
We’ve signed up 39 freshmen in the last month! That is the largest freshman class we’ve ever had at HPU.
Danny Frye
Director of Athletic Bands
High Point University
We’ve had the highest quality of recruits in 20 years.
Rose Johnson
Administrative Tech, Cornhusker Band
We're up close to 50 students from last year.
Adam Dalton
Director of Marching Thunder and Recruitment Head, Marshall University School of Music

To learn more about how Musicwindow can help your organization increase the quantity and quality of musician you are able to recruit into your program, click below