Nail the recruiting game

at high school clinics

Recruiting at high school visits comes with several challenges:

  1. The high school director wants the clinic to be educational for the students - completely understandable - so there is not an opportunity to give a detailed pitch about joining.
  2. Passing out paper forms to capture the students' information is clunky - you can't read the student's handwriting, it takes hours to type into a spreadsheet, and it's a boring and lame first impression.
  3. If you hand a student a business card or tell them to visit your department's website, you know they are probably never going to do anything.

How to overcome these challenges and nail the recruiting game at every high school visit, explained in the video below:

I will sing Bandwindow's praises as the best recruiting tool for any bands. I just won't tell anyone within 300 miles of us because I want it to be our hidden advantage!
Andrew Hunter
Associate Director of Bands
University of Texas, El Paso
This is going to revolutionize how we find students to come here.
John Pasquale
Director of the Michigan Marching and Athletic Bands
University of Michigan

Cornhusker Marching Band Case Study

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Cornhusker Band wanted to increase the pool of talent auditioning. They needed to attract, book, and coordinate hundreds of students for precise audition time slots. By implementing Bandwindow they:

• For the first time in the band's history, booking out every section's audition time slots for every day
• Highest ever number of applications submitted via audio recordings (a result of audition slots being full)
• An essentially zero no-show attendance rate for auditionees
• Students joining from more states than ever before

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