Musicwindow Case Studies

Nebraska Case Study

Bandwindow was used by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Cornhusker Band in their 2019 recruiting season. They wanted to increase the pool of talent auditioning and they needed to attract, book, and coordinate hundreds of students for precise audition time slots. The overall impact made to their band program was significant and some of the key benefits are included below:

• For the first time in the band's history, booking out every section's audition time slots for every day
• Highest ever number of applications submitted via audio recordings (a result of audition slots being full)
• An essentially zero no-show attendance rate for auditionees
• Students joining from more states than ever before

Blue Ocean Case Study

The Blue Ocean Strategy Entrepreneur Corp (BOSE) used Bandwindow for their 2019 recruitment cycle. They were looking to attract high school students from around the country and triple participation in their competition from the year prior. As a non-profit organization, they had limited funding, limited personnel, and limited resources.

A direct quote from Ted Dacko, executive director, in their first year of implementation: "I was blown away by how well we adopted the technology and how well recruitment went."

DIME Case Study

The Detroit Institute of Music Education (DIME) has been using Bandwindow for 3.5 years to support their critical recruiting needs. Like any music institute, they are constantly trying to increase the quantity of students they attract and bring in the highest caliber of auditionees possible. By implementing Bandwindow, they have:

• Increased the percentage of their website visitors subscribing to their school by over 5X
• Attracted a higher number of attendees to their concerts, auditions days, and other events
• Reduced the manual work that recruitment staff needed to do to get their prospective recruits the information they need


This is going to revolutionize how we find students to come here.
John Pasquale
University of Michigan