To prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) many performing arts organizations are unfortunately forced to cancel live audition days. If your program has been impacted, we feel for you. Learn how to digitally manage your entire audition process here. This gives a brief overview of how to promote, collect, store, and evaluate all your auditions by video submission.



Increase the quality of your musicians, increase turn-out at auditions, and drive attendances to concerts and events.


You create beautiful music.

Musicwindow grows your recruitment and event attendance.

Watch one or both of the videos below to see how...

Leveraging Your High School Clinics, Honor Bands, And Events To Dramatically Grow The Pool Of Talent You Recruit From

How To Continually Position Your Music Department As The Leader In That Ideal Recruit's Mind, With Zero Effort From You Or Your Staff

MUSICWINDOW empowers small, medium, and large college music schools and music departments to have more personalized, more one-to-one, and more automated communications with your important audiences.

  • Increase participation in your bands, orchestras, choirs, and all ensembles
  • Increase the number of students who apply to be a music major or minor
  • Save enormous time and streamline the communications surrounding your audition process
  • Bring in larger audiences for your concerts, recitals, and performances
  • Maximize attendance at camps, honor bands/honor orchestras, fundraisers, jazz festivals, Clarinet Day, and all types of opportunities to get involved
  • Reduce paperwork / errors
  • Build a higher quality music school or music department

The department chairs, directors, and music faculty we work with all want to develop stellar musicians, put on memorable performances, and define the future of music education.

But a bunch of other responsibilities (that don't really have anything to do with music) seem to get in the way.

Music departments all want to attract the most talented musicians possible but are stuck with limited time, people, and monetary resources to achieve this. The world is changing at a prestissimo rate, and it is challenging to keep up with the best ways to promote events, and win the hearts and minds of young students. If you are a college music director, you may be frustrated because your peers throughout your university simply do not understand the unique nuances of music departments.

Musicwindow does.

70+ University Music Departments And Counting

Nebraska Case Study

Musicwindow was used by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln School of Music in their 2019 recruiting season. They wanted to increase the pool of talent auditioning and they needed to attract, book, and coordinate hundreds of students for precise audition time slots. The impact made to their band program was significant and some of the key benefits were:

• For the first time in the band's history, booking out every section's audition time slots for every day
• Highest ever number of applications submitted via audio recordings (a result of audition slots being full)
• An essentially zero no-show attendance rate for auditionees
• Students joining from more states than ever before

We’ve had the highest quality of recruits in 20 years.
Rose Johnson
Recruitment Coordinator, Cornhusker Band

DIME Case Study

The Detroit Institute of Music Education (DIME) has been a Musicwindow client since 2015. Prior to using Musicwindow, DIME had casually looked at software for its critical recruiting needs but found nothing that offered the right functionality that it needed. Most of the other products were over-priced for the size of their organization. By implementing Musicwindow they:

• Increased the percentage of their website visitors subscribing to their school by over 5X
• Attracted a higher number of attendees to their concerts, auditions days, and other events
• Reduced the manual work that recruitment staff needed to do to get their prospective recruits the information they need

The product has clearly provided value, reduced the manual amount of work that we had to do, and improved our recruitment results.
Elise McCoy
Head of Recruitment and Admissions, Detroit Institute of Music Education

Questions and Concerns

Our admissions office already has tools to handle admissions and enrollment.

We are well aware that your university already uses Slate, Ellucian, Salesforce, or an equivalent. Musicwindow is a completely different category than an admissions database - Musicwindow gives music schools a significant competitive differentiator. As one of many examples, if your piano professor wants to share an invitation to a piano recital with all the piano players who expressed interest, he or she would not be able to use an admissions database to get the word out and get the students excited with visually-engaging content. Old-school batch & blast CRM tools were not designed to attract and inspire a 17-year-old to participate in your ensembles or study music at your school. Musicwindow can, however, direct more students to your university's admissions website (who would not have been reached otherwise), which Admissions always appreciates. Our product has been built to ensure zero redundancy in feature set and no data that slips through the cracks. Contact us for more info.


Does this tool comply with my university's technical regulations?

Musicwindow has been built, tested, and implemented at over 60 universities (and counting), most of which have strict rules around what technology can be used. We have not had any IT departments reject this tool. Musicwindow adheres to strict industry-standard information security guidelines. A complete summary of our technical specs (most of which is very boring information if you are not in IT) is available upon request. Contact us for more info.

How do I learn more about Musicwindow?

Schedule a phone call by clicking the button below. You will speak to one of our team members over an informal "get-to-know-each-other" style conversation. We will see if your music school and Musicwindow are a good fit for each other. Afterward, we will provide the materials, resources, and information that make the most sense for what you ultimatetly want for your music department/school.


I'm not technically savvy. Can I still use Musicwindow?

Yes. We have many music school directors, faculty, and administrators who have little technical skills who are realizing value from Musicwindow everyday.  We get it - you do not have time to learn a new software. We know that for the most part, you are not a technologist or marketer. You are a musician or music educator. Musicwindow does the heavy lifting. The product has been built specifically for faculty and directors who are not accustomed fancy technology.




Who are you guys anyway?

We are a team of music enthusiasts, marketers, and engineers. We have all been performing arts students before launching Musicwindow. From first-hand experience, our team has a unique combination of expertise in the music school industry, engaging Gen-Zers, and marketing.





I would rather wait to implement a solution like this.

If you wait, you will be leaving a lot of opportunity on the table. Every time a prospective student visits your website, attends a performance, walks past your music building, and every time a faculty member does a workshop at a high school, prospective students are slipping through the cracks. These are high quality students, alumni, and community members you want to begin a relationship with. You often only have one chance to be capturing these people and getting them into your network. You shouldn't wait to do this.  

Meet the Team

Alex Weiss

Business Developer & Accounts Manager

Marketing degree from the University of Michigan
Saxophone player
Involved in the band world for 13+ years as both a musician and consultant
--4 years at the high school level
--4 years at the college level
--3 years building Musicwindow working along college music directors

Ashley Sarda

Client Success Specialist

Communications and marketing degree from Florida International University
Pianist and guitarist
Focused on collaborating and solving the toughest of challenges alongside my clients

Gavin Todd

Technical Specialist & Product Visionary

Theatre Degree from Toi Whakkari School of Performance
In 1998, founded the world's first digital postcard company.
Actively mentors and coaches local business owners and entrepreneurs on their customer experience strategy

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