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University Music Department Recruiting Is Competitive

The highly digital Gen Z music student has many competing options. At the same time, young students are questioning if they should even continue music at the university level.

The old-school traditional ways of recruiting have significant gaps with the Gen Z music student audience.

To attract a higher quantity and quality of music student, you need a modern engaging approach that instantly puts your music department in the leader spot in the student's mind.

"even during the pandemic, we've developed more prospective students than ever..."

You need to better reach, communicate with, and win over your desired students.

You are under pressure to hit enrollment, instrumental balance, or membership goals).

You struggle with limited time, money, and people resources.

1-To-1 Recruiting Outreach

Match your degrees, studios, ensembles, events, and more to students' interests.

You recognize the importance of tailoring your communications to the individual student, but writing each prospective student a personal email takes hours and hours that you do not have.

The one-size-fits-all approach has even worse consequences.

If your students are receiving generic static messages, they'll feel like they are just an entry in a database, making you 5-8 times less likely to recruit them.

Get A Prospective Music Student's Attention

A prospective student is interested, but they haven't yet signed up. Static, plain, mass emails aren't getting their attention. They might not even being checking the inbox these emails are going to. You need to a way to get your people to engage, and your time is extremely limited.

"Our faculty have been very pleased with how responsive students have been to these texts. I feel like we're meeting these young students where they are at."

What Musicwindow'ers Are Saying...

University of Northern Iowa

The University of Northern Iowa School of Music was under pressure to fill audition slots for both music majors and ensemble members. Their biggest struggle was getting attention and trust from high schoolers who no longer responded well to the static email format.

Purdue Bands & Orchestras Case Study

How the Purdue Bands & Orchestra is leveraging a team of 20 student ambassadors to recruit 500 freshman per season and transitioning their operation from pen & paper to an all-virtual format.

Cornhusker Marching Band

The UNL Cornhusker Band wanted to increase the pool of talent auditioning and they needed to attract, book, and coordinate hundreds of students for precise audition time slots. The impact made to their band program was significant.

Detroit Institute of Music Education

Prior to using Musicwindow, DIME had casually looked at software for its critical event promotion needs but found nothing that offered the right functionality that they needed. Most of the other products were over-priced for the size of their organization.

Commonly Asked Questions

Sounds Like This Is For Our Admissions Office

Somewhat, but not exactly. We can certainly loop in Admissions after you take a look and decide if it's a good fit for your department. But really, this all has to start with you, the music faculty.

You see, there is a new standard in winning over music students. A more competitive one. This new approach requires you to speak to the very specific interests of music students and paint a clear picture in their mind as to why your music department is the perfect match for their needs. This requires knowledge of music students and all the nuances of music recruiting - a component that admissions (quite reasonably) does not offer.

Just like you, we DO NOT want to introduce a tool into your environment that is duplicative, siloed, or unnecessary. In fact, maintaining a pure technology architecture within the larger university in something we obsess over!

Is Our IT Department Going To Approve Of This Tool?

The software is one component of our offering.

We’ve never had an IT department reject the software. It sometimes takes a few weeks to go through the IT Office’s standard approval process (university IT teams are very busy helping everyone out!). So if you anticipate IT will want to review some information, we encourage you to initiate that request early after seeing our demo.

Typical procedure is, IT will request one or more documents from Musicwindow.

--Technical overview document - Covers the commonly asked IT questions

--HECVAT - A 300+ row spreadsheet detailing all the specs that IT typically likes to know

--VPAT - For the accessibility team to review how Musicwindow adheres to accessibility standards

Please request these documents via the form below. We’ll follow up within 1 business day. The approval is typically pretty straightforward from there.

How Do I Learn More?

Typically, it looks like this:

1) Schedule a demo. We'll meet over a Zoom and look at how this might work for you.

2) Afterward, with your permission, we provide a recording of the meeting and any PDFs, short videos, client references, or materials that you can use to best introduce this to any additional decision makers.

3) When you're ready we'll decide to either A) get it rolling, B) schedule an additional meeting with other staff member, C) plan customized next steps as you see fit, or D) do nothing.

At any point, if you decide we’re not the right fit for you (or vice versa), we'll just part ways professionally.


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