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recruit majors and non-majors in record numbers while increasing the caliber of musician you attract

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Recreate The In-Person Audition Experience Digitally

Avoid missing out on top talent while collecting auditions on rapid fire

Change Your Recruitment Game

How music organizations can set themselves apart from all the rest to win the hearts and minds of the 17-year old music student persona

Attract 20 - 50 Excited Recruits At Your Next High School Visit

Music faculty are constantly offering clinics at high schools, conducting honor bands, and interacting with recruits in a variety of places.

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"Our instrumental area has grown by close to 50 students over last year."

Musicwindow helps university music organizations (from a 30-member pep band to a 500-student music school) create more one-to-one, more modern-looking, and more streamlined communications with your important audiences.

Identify legitimate prospective music students

    not just some random contact list that you can only get ahold of once a year where you don't even know the student's instrument!

    Intelligently communicate with prospective music students

    with individualized, multimedia, creative messaging, via the channels they pay attention to. Create the high-quality interactions that can't happen over a plain email.

    Increase students' desire

    to schedule an audition, join your band or choir, apply to the university, or attend your next festival

    If you happen to run auditions

    streamline the scheduling of and communications surrounding your audition process to save enormous time

    If you do not run auditions

    increase interest in your ensemble so within a few semesters (being realistic from a timeline standpoint), you have no choice but to launch an audition process!

    Drive attendance to events

    such as Clarinet Day, performances, recitals, audition days, open-houses, giving campaigns, summer camps, Spring Game, Honor Bands, anything you need to drive participation in

    Music faculty want to develop stellar musicians, put on memorable performances, and define the future of music education. But a bunch of other responsibilities (that don't really have anything to do with music) get in the way.

    You want to attract the most talented musicians possible but are stuck with limited time, people, and monetary resources to achieve this. You are swamped!

    It is challenging to keep up with the best ways to win the hearts and minds of young students and promote events.

    Musicwindow solves these problems and more for time-starved music directors.

    We’ve had the highest quality of recruits in 20 years.
    Rose Johnson
    Administrative Coordinator, University of Nebraska Bands
    Our audition numbers are through the roof higher than in the past.
    Barry Houser
    Associate Director of Bands and Director of the Marching Illini
    University of Illinois
    I will sing Bandwindow's praises as the best recruiting tool for any bands. I just won't tell anyone within 300 miles of us because I want it to be our hidden advantage!
    Andrew Hunter
    Associate Director of Bands
    University of Texas, El Paso
    Musicwindow is an intuitive way to reach students with dynamic messages. There is less time spent on each individual so we can focus on creating a larger reach. My faculty have more time back...that's huge.
    Pete Folliard
    Augustana University School of Music

    Cornhusker Marching Band Case Study

    Musicwindow was used by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln School of Music in their 2019 season. They wanted to increase the pool of talent auditioning and they needed to attract, book, and coordinate hundreds of students for precise audition time slots. The impact made to their band program was significant and some of the key benefits were:

    • For the first time in the band's history, booking out every section's audition time slots for every day
    • Highest ever number of applications submitted via audio recordings (a result of audition slots being full)
    • An essentially zero no-show attendance rate for auditionees
    • Students joining from more states than ever before

    Bandwindow gives us the maneuverability to build our database of potential members, while at the same time, building a database of fans and potential donors.

    Bandwindow is giving us the advantage of collecting interests from hundreds of potential members and then sending them custom-built information before they even leave our booth.

    We are at 243 members for next year up from 205. Huge improvement in thanks to your system.
    Tristan Hooks
    Head Of Marketing And Recruitment
    University of Kentucky Marching Band
    Simply put, Musicwindow saved our audition day this year. The submission process worked seamlessly and allowed our faculty easy, straightforward access to auditions while working from home.
    Dan Sheridan
    Department Chair
    Winona State University
    Music Department
    We’ve signed up 39 freshmen in the last month! That is the largest freshman class we’ve ever had at HPU.
    Danny Frye
    Director of Athletic Bands
    High Point University

    Commonly Asked Questions

    Our admissions office already has tools to handle admissions and enrollment

    Every university we work with either uses Slate, Ellucian, Salesforce, or an equivalent. Musicwindow is a categorically different product than an admissions database; Musicwindow gives music schools a significant competitive differentiator.

    As one of many examples, if your piano professor wishes to share an invitation to a piano recital with all the piano players who expressed interest, he or she would not be able to use an admissions database to get the word out and get the students excited with visually-engaging content. A somewhat straightforward use case, and you've already hit a brick wall if you're solely leaning on an admissions database.

    Old-school batch & blast CRM tools were not designed to attract and inspire a 17-year-old to participate in your ensembles or study music at your school. Musicwindow can, however, direct more students to your university's admissions website (who would not have been reached otherwise), which Admissions always appreciates.

    Our product has been built to ensure zero redundancy in feature set and no data that slips through the cracks. Contact us for more info.

    Does this tool comply with my university's technical regulations?

    Yes. Bandwindow has been built, tested, and implemented at over 100 universities (and counting), most of which have strict rules around what technology can be used. We have had zero IT departments reject this tool. Bandwindow adheres to strict industry-standard information security guidelines. A complete summary of our technical specs (most of which is very boring information if you are not in IT) is available upon request.

    How do I learn more about Musicwindow?

    You can view an on-demand mini demo of our product by clicking the button below. You will be taken to a questionnaire where you will answer a few simple questions. After submitting, a mini-demo will be auto-generated for you which you can view and interact with at your leisure.

    If it still seems interesting from there, you will be offered the opportunity to speak with a strategist from our team who will put together a solution that is tailored to your unique program. The way you do things might be different than the universities featured on our website, so having a conversation at some point would be prudent.

    If I'm being honest, I can barely turn on a computer without a grad student helping me... Can I still use Musicwindow?

    Yes. We have many music school directors, faculty, and administrators who have little technical skills who are realizing value from Musicwindow everyday.  We get it - you do not have time to learn a new software. We know that for the most part, you are not a technologist or marketer. You are a musician or music educator. Musicwindow does the heavy lifting. The product has been built specifically for faculty and directors who are not accustomed to fancy technology.

    Who are you guys anyway?

    We are a team of music enthusiasts, marketing experts, and engineers. We have all been performing arts students before launching Musicwindow. From first-hand experience, our team has a unique combination of expertise in the music school industry, engaging Gen-Zers, and marketing.

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