Navigating Music Recruitment In 2024

"Unghost" The Student Who Has Ghosted You

You are contacting prospective students, let's say, encouraging them to book an audition or sign up for band camp. The old-school approach of sending plain emails leaves several critical gaps:

  • Static, plain, mass emails are not getting attention - Students might not even check the inbox these emails are going to.
  • It's nearly impossible to coordinate amongst faculty - You would love your oboe teacher to introduce themself to every oboe prospect, but there's no harmonious system for that to happen.
  • Your materials are scattered in multiple places - You have a YouTube video over here, an email over there, a PDF flyer over there - your content is not living in a centralized system. This leaves the prospective student with only a fraction of the "WOW" experience they could be having.

"Our faculty have been very pleased with how responsive students have been to these texts. I feel like we're meeting these young students where they are at."

Caroline Francis

University of Northern Iowa School of Music

Example 3 - Increasing Tour Sign-Ups

See It In Action (Part 2)

By sending personalized digital materials to your prospective students, that trigger follow-up actions once the student interacts (ie. clicks a button, watches a video), you will significantly increase your recruiting success.

In the year 2024, not having this capability is like entering the recruitment arena wearing a blindfold!

Watch this video to see and understand how quick responses with interactive content will increase your opportunities.