Navigating Music Recruitment In 2024

1-to-1 Recruiting Outreach Instantly

Your prospective students are as unique as their fingerprints

When we find out that Kaitlin plays Tuba, is interested in Music Ed, and likes Athletic Bands, if our communications are not speaking directly to those music-specific interests, that is a gigantic missed opportunity.

"Billboard-like" communications are static - they appear the same to different people who are interested in different things. This style of outreach makes your prospective students feel like they are "just a number in a database," making you 5-8 times less likely to convert them to an audition or band camp sign-up.

Create a "WOW experience"

The dream is to intelligently package together a precise set of information that is specific to the one individual student's unique musical interests - their talent area, desired major, or musical background.

Imagine having the most relevant performance videos, invites to recitals, audition materials, faculty spotlights, student testimonials, and degree information instantly matched to potential students based on their unique needs.

What used to be an impossible dream be done instantly with Intelligent Content


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