Cutting-Edge Tools To Spark Interest With More Potential Music Students

It's becoming less-and-less effective to hook a Gen Z student's interest with a basic call-to-action like, "fill out this form so we can send you more info about our music offerings."

  • First of all, every university under the sun is saying this, so there's no differentiation for your organization.
  • It's unclear to the student what's in it for them so they are less likely to fill out your form.
  • Even if the student does punch in their information, it's an underwhelming experience which does not make your organization memorable down the road

Self discovery quizzes are fun, engaging, and attractive to a high school student. By engaging students within this Buzzfeed-like medium, you can build interest with significantly more prospective student musicians.

These quizzes can result in 3 to 10X as many prospective students when compared to a traditional inquiry form.