Navigating Music Recruitment In 2024

The Critical Role Of Video Stories

In 2024, having authentic video stories is a non-negotiable for effective higher-ed music recruitment.

The way to connect and build trust with prospective students has changed in recent years and candidly, most music departments are no-where near keeping up.

The traditional "hype video" doesn't speak to the desires and fears of a prospective student who might be on the fence. A hype video is great for getting that quick initial attention, but not really for recruiting.

If you're like most organizations, you have one or more of these problems:

  1. Your content is not relevant enough so you are losing potential students' attention
  2. Your content is not authentic enough and therefore does not build trust
  3. You aren't collecting content in enough places leaving you with a lack of content necessary to move potential students forward

Collect Video Stories Everywhere

See It In Action

By matching specific video stories to individual prospective students based on academic interest, talent area, and other dynamic attributes, you are increasing your relevance and building trust with your prospective students.

Your current students become your organization's influencers and your prospective recruits feel like they're talking to a friend. As a result, you are increasing audition sign-ups, event attendance, and ensemble membership.

This video will show just one example of how music programs are rapidly building their collection of high-converting video content.